About Us

We have the pleasure to let you know that the Romanian “CO2 Club”, a professional association whose aim is to carry out specific activities for reduction of CO2 emissions in atmosphere by capture and geological storage, was legally set up and fully registered in 2007.


  • Dr. Ing. Constantin Stefan Sava – President
  • Dr. Ing. Amuliu Mircea Proca – General Secretary
  • Prof. Dr. Ing. Cornel Dinu

The founder’s intention is to offer to the interested organizations a platform to carry out exchange of ideas, information as well as common projects, policy proposals or government actions in this field.


“The Romanian CO2 Club is open to all persons and organizations both Romanian or foreign interested in the field of CO2 capture and geological storage.

We are convinced that your organization can bring an outstanding contribution to the activities of the Romanian CO2 Club and we invite you to join this association.”


Dr. Constantin Stefan SAVA
CO2 Club Romania – President

To fulfill its aim the Association carries out the following activities:


Issuing periodical publications of the newsletter type comprising specific information of technical and legal character on local situation on CO2 emissions control.


Promoting specific research projects within national and European programs.


Implication in lobby activities together with Romanian civic society in front of policy makers in problems of reducing, capturing and stocking of CO2 emissions.


Supporting the contacts and exchange of information among stakeholders from industry, research and education.


Carrying out specific studies and analyses.


Exchange and dissemination of ideas, knowledge and experience in the aforementioned field by organizing conferences, workshops, seminaries as well as other similar events.

External cooperation

Collaboration and cooperation with similar organization national or foreign.


Establishing an appropriate media for transactions of CO2 credits.